November 2021

The first steps have been taken

Ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you for your interest in FLUXUM. I am looking forward to sharing this newsletter to give you a comprehensive update on FLUXUM Gernsheim – the GreenTech Park. A few things have happened in the past few weeks – but let’s start at the beginning:

On October 1, we held a kick-off event for FLUXUM Gernsheim at the Gernsheim site. Together with speakers including Dr. Petra Wicklandt (Head of Sustainability,Quality & Trade Compliance at Merck), Klaus Luckert (Head of Merck Real Estate Site &Production Gernsheim), Dr. Thilo Kaltenbach (expert for the GreenTech market and Senior Partner at Roland Berger) and Peter Burger (Mayor of Gernsheim), we presented the status quo, the roadmap and our vision of a new GreenTech Park on the Rhine river.

The following clip provides a summary of this eventful day – take a look at it.

Invitation to a virtual information event

On Monday November 29,2021, starting at 3 p.m., we’re offering you the opportunity to gain exciting insights into the developments surrounding GreenTech Park Fluxum Gernsheim – from the comfort of your own home.The virtual event will last about an hour; of course, there will be enough time to answer your questions afterwards.


Do you want to take part?

You will receive the participation link via e-mail. You can register here: or by calling  +49 6258 12 50 70.

To conclude this newsletter, I would like to share a quote which has remained in my memory since our kick-off event. Dr. Stefan Fandel, Head of Site Development at FLUXUM Gernsheim, said to guests

“If we get it right, the town of Gernsheim could in the next five years be synonymous with successful GreenTech and become a magnet for everyone who is committed to achieving this goal.”

He spoke to all participants from the heart – and that is the standard against which we want to be measured.