December 2022

The GreenTech accelerator is here!

Ladies and gentlemen,

The year is coming to an end so we have been picking up the pace over the past few weeks. But before we start the new year and, thus, the future, we would like to report on our opening event of the GreenTech accelerator ryon – and our site on the Rhine River has also received a fresh “coat of paint”. Find out more in this newsletter. We hope you enjoy reading this newsletter!

ryon – Start of the GreenTech accelerators

“This site will soon be the center for GreenTech” – with these words, Kai Beckmann, Member of the Executive Board of Merck opened the GreenTech accelerator at FLUXUM Gernsheim at a ceremony on November 28. Under the name ryon – inspired by the pronunciation of the neighboring Rhine River – the accelerator brings together expertise from research, industry and the public sector. A place for ideas and visions, for innovative start-ups and for a more sustainable, greener future.

In addition to the opening ceremony, there was still enough time for an exciting round of talks with outstanding representatives from the fields of finance, science and politics. The topics: digitalization and sustainability, start-ups and of course GreenTech. The seed has been planted and, with the young company Ceres, the first start-up will soon be moving in – we are very much looking forward to growing together.

From left to right: Kai Beckmann (Member of the Executive Board of Merck and CEO Electronics), Tanja Brühl (President of TU Darmstadt), Professor Kristina Sinemus (Hessian Minister for Digital Strategy and Development), Tarek Al-Wazir (Hessian Minister of Economics), Ayse Asar (Secretary of State for the Science & Arts Ministry of the German Federal State of Hesse), Michael Boddenberg (Hessian Minister of Finance)

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New external image of FLUXUM Gernsheim

Our GreenTech Park FLUXUM Gernsheim is always developing further. It was therefore about time to drive the development of our external image. Several columns, signposts and logos were recently installed for this purpose, which can be found on our site. In particular, the five-meter-high columns at the access roads to the west and east areas are real eye-catchers.

They provide the Merck Group and future external partners space to present themselves with their respective company names and logos. However, the FLUXUM logo above Mainzer Strasse – the road that connects Gernsheim and Biebesheim – is now making it clear: here, we are working towards a greener future.

Room to grow: As well as the entrance at Mainzer Strasse, the five-meter tall columns provide even more space for the logos of innovative start-ups

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Advent, Advent – holiday wishes from FLUXUM Gernsheim

There are only a few weeks left; the holidays are around the corner and this is therefore the last newsletter of the year. We wish you and your loved ones Happy Holidays, a Happy New Year and of course thank you for your interest in FLUXUM Gernsheim – we hope you will continue to read our newsletter next year and accompany us on our path towards the future.